Commercial Games Workshop

AOS recently attended a NATO-sponsored, three-day workshop with a modelling & simulation (M&S) theme, “Exploiting Commercial Games and Technology for Military Use.” Held in the UK at the Cody Technology Park in Farnborough.

AOS at SimTecT 2009

CoJACK marine viewpoint on market

Dr Rick Evertsz presented the paper "Adding Realistic Cognition/Emotion to VBS2 Entities" at the SimTecT 2009 Conference, Adelaide Convention Centre.

VBS2™ provides impressive photo-realistic 3D rendering for military training. …

AOS at ITEC 2009

ITEC, Europe’s premier defence, training, education and simulation conference & exhibition, celebrated its 20th anniversary last month in Brussels (12-14 May).

Matteo Pedrotti (AOS Trento) and Andy Park (AOS USA) were there to run a new round of live, CoJACK/VBS2 integration demos.

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