Robocup 2001, Robot Soccer Competition, JACK Plays Football


August 2001 –The 5th International Robocup Competition was held in Seattle, USA from 2nd - 10th August 2001.

What is Robocup?

Robocup is robots playing 5-a-side soccer.  There are four "leagues", all keenly contested by teams from around the world.  Matches are held in popular locations, this year's competition was held in the Convention Center in Seattle.

The Small Robot League was made of teams from Spain, USA, Canada, Iran, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, Portugal, Taiwan and New Zealand.

One team, the Roobots, was made up of students from Melbourne University, Australia. The Melbourne team was a team with a difference - it's five robots were controlled by JACK, AOS's autonomous systems platform.

JACK provides an ideal platform for building autonomous robot soccer players. Using "JACK Teams" the students were able to implement team behaviours rapidly and effectively.  Next year in Fukuoka, on the Japanese island of Kyushu, Melbourne University will be fielding another team using JACK-based robots, this time using advanced, adaptive team behaviors programmed in JACK.

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