Kelpie autonomous testing to commence

AOS’s Kelpie autonomous ground vehicle is about to achieve an exciting milestone. This will focus on testing the vehicle’s ability to detect and manoeuvre around obstacles that would typically be encountered “airside” on an airbase. The tests will start with static obstacles, such as buildings, parked vehicles, trees, fire hydrants and maintenance stands. The testing will then move on to dynamic obstacles – those that can move. These include people, as well as other vehicles and trailers.

While RAAF security and safety considerations limit the number of people and vehicles “airside”, the Kelpie will use its LiDAR and cameras to detect and identify any that it encounters, and either stop or steer clear of them.

The testing will be conducted in a secure area at Amberley Air Base, and involve the Kelpie being tested with a range of obstacles, at speeds up to 20kph.

Kelpie being readied for testing